Organic lollypops (without saccharose) in de flavors: Fruitmix (lemon, orange, apple, raspberry and cassis)

Organic hard boiled candies (without saccharose) in de flavors:
- Fruitmix 
(lemon, orange, apple, raspberry and cassis)

- Fruitmix (lemon, orange & cassis) with acerola / vitamine C
- Echinecea
- Honey (with propolis)
- Licorice (sweet)
- Citrus
- Cassis
- Herbs mix (balanced blend of 7 different herbs)

Organic licorice strings
- With sweet licorice flavor

Organic tablets:
- Peppermint
- Blackberry

Organic tablet rolls
- Peppermint
- Blackberry
- Fruitmix in twisted wrapper

Organic gummies (without gelatine!)
- Dummy's             (strawberry/lemon and orange/lime)
- Cola bottles         (cola flavor)
- Bears                    (lemon, orange, lime and strawberry)
- Sour french fries (sour strawberry & lemon and sour orange/lime)