About us

On February 1st, 1980 Gerard Maas began with a homemade lolly machine. Because one of then popular form was a flower lolly, he called the company "Fleur Products". With the help of his wife - and later his daughter - the company grew into a thriving enterprise.

Gerard Maas may be called a pioneer which helped put the organic confectionery on the map in the Netherlands and abroad. Foreign companies also recognized the importance of organic products, and the knew how to find Fleur Products. The unique style of Gerard Maas and Fleur Products appeals to many customers. The assortment grew over the years with other organic sweets which were a welcome addition to the range.

As Gerard Maas's advanced age, it became clear his successor  unfortunately would not come from the family. He was therefore looking for another reliable partner who would continue its business policy. This partner was eventually found in 2010 in one of his co-producers, 'Promosweets'. The owner, Fred van Tienen took over Fleur Products together with Arnold Broek, who had years of experience with conventional confectionery.

On the day Fleur Products existed 30 years - February 1, 2011, was officially handed over the baton. The new management decided to change the name Fleur Products in "The Organic Factory BV".

Exactly five years after the acquisition Arnold Broek already had to transfer his share. Because of an incurable form of cancer Arnold could not continue his passion.

Meeke Janssens, well-known with both Fred van Tienen and Arnold Broek, has taken over Arnold's part.

The recipes gathered by much research and testing over the years, has fortunately never lost.Untill today the recipe always used, and will be improved where possible.