The Organic Factory BV is a producer of organic confectionery. Specialisms include hard-boiled sweets without sucrose from glucose syrup (corn) and agave. Further, The Organic Factory BV specializing in gums that do not contain gelatine. In addition, they produce peppermint tablets  which are produced 100% (!) organic. Also sweet licorice rolls / licorice strings belong to the assortment.

Organic confectionery find their way to consumers by importers and wholesalers in the Netherlands, but especially abroad. Eco-Sweets is one of the brands under which the candy is sold. Also, The Organic Factory BV, is a producer of several "private labels".

Constant attention is paid to new organic trends but traditional recipes are so much preserved as possible. Expansion of the range only done when it fits within the organic targets. In addition, The Organic Factory BV attempts to get the highest possible grade in order if possible to score an organic 100%.

To the extent possible, The Organic Factory BV wrappes her candy in biodegradable foil. So they thus do their bit to contribute to a world without pesticides Genetically modified food and with the smallest possible "footprint".

Gommen Pepermunt Dropveters Zuurtjes